Greetings Maplewoodians and Friends!

The second planning session for our 45th Reunion was held at Sam's Sports Bar in Old Hickory on August 11.  Pictured below (Starting in upper left corner and going clockwise) are Judy Meeks Wooden, Nita Pace, S. Michael Wells, Michael Carroll, and Joel McClanahan.


The time and location for the next meeting will be sent out in a general email to the class.   Anyone not having received recent emails may get on the list by emailing me at: Contact Editor


We now have 660 members in our Maplewood Alumni Group in Facebook spanning the classes of 1962 through 1979.  Everyone is encouraged to come join us, for a lot of our friends are there.   If anyone needs help getting on Facebook or finding the Group once there, please email me, Contact Editor, and I will help.  We hope to see more of you there!

—S. Michael Wells, Editor